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Private Training Success Stories
Here is a sampling of a few of our individually crafted private training plans that show how much can be accomplished when we work together with clients one-on-one to solve their real-life dog training and behavior problems.

peace and harmonyPeace and Harmony Restored

Two newly adopted dogs were engaging each other in dog serious fights. The dogs had been rescued separately and neither had been exposed to other dogs before. Their new owners feared they might not be able to keep them both. We designed and implemented an intensive obedience training and remedial socialization program that was faithfully carried out by their deeply committed family. The two dogs are now living peacefully together and have a happy, permanent, home.

house trained dogLifelong Compulsive Urine Marking Reversed

A 13 year-old male dog had been banished for years to solitary confinement on a chain in the backyard because he had never been properly house trained. After he was rescued from his miserable life by the local humane society, we were called in to assist the dog's new pet parents to re-train his compulsive urine marking habit so he could live safely indoors with his new family. We instituted an hour-by-hour house training plan that successfully reversed this lifelong problem. This sweet old guy is now living out his life comfortably and happily inside the house, where his favorite sleeping spot is under the covers of the teen-aged son's bed!

Puppy Head Start Program Ensures a Happy Life

Early socialization for this adorable pup began on day one with his very knowledgeable and dedicated breeder. When the puppy was brought home at the age of nine weeks, we worked with his new mom to integrate him seamlessly into her life and set up the new pup for a lifetime of success.

Puppy gorwn upThe Puppy Head Start program consisted of: structuring the physical environment in the house for problem prevention; devising an errorless potty training routine; a management plan to stop destructive chewing from the outset; an ongoing socialization schedule; and puppy training tips for dealing with play biting and other normal but frustrating puppy behavior.

This delightful puppy has grown into a handsome, fun-loving, well-mannered adult dog that is welcome everywhere.

baby dog safetyBringing Up Baby Safely with Rover

A young couple whose "first child" was their beloved dog, became understandably concerned when their pet - who had never been exposed to babies before - began to show signs of fear aggression when they brought home their newborn daughter. First we helped the new parents set up "safe zones" to comfortably separate the dog and protect the baby. Then we undertook an intensive training program to change the dog's emotional response to the situations that frightened him, which in turn created positive changes in the dog's behavior around the child. Because of this diligent work, plus always keeping a watchful eye on both, dog and baby are now fast friends.

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