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How We Help

If you love your dog, but not his behavior, we can help you change it.Certified Expert Professional Trainer
We can help you understand why your dog isn't behaving the way you want, and change that behavior with specifically designed solutions to help your dog or puppy become a well-mannered family companion.

Wide Selection of Behavior Solutions
A service for every need: Innovative positive reinforcement dog training classes for all levels. Expert consultations for a full range of dog behavior problems. One-to-one private training. From the basics and ongoing socialization, to advanced obedience and off-leash training, to our popular "Doggie Social Hours" and other specialty classes and workshops, Every Dog Can is the positive reinforcement "continuing education" dog training and behavior center for Northwest Arkansas!

Purely Positive - Results Oriented Methods
All of our programs emphasize purely positive methods and incorporate the latest advances in results-oriented, scientifically sound, and enjoyable family dog training.

We can help you, now!
Take the first step today and discover which of our training solutions is the right fit for you and your dog.

Note:  We are no longer offering group obedience training classes.


Private Training Instruction - in your home or in our Studio

happy samOne-to-One, Individualized Training
Offering you and your dog the ultimate in training flexibility and versatility.

Our private training enables you to:

  • Meet with our certified trainer and dog behavior specialist at the time and place that's most convenient for you.

  • Target exactly those annoying or challenging behavior problems that may be disrupting your home by identifying your dog's issues and helping you to prioritize what should be addressed first.

  • Provide a successful learning environment for a dog that is not well socialized, or a dog with behavior problems, and propose a tailor made training plan aimed at bringing you relief and changing the problematic behavior.

  • Map out an action plan for accomplishing goals, and receive the trainer's exclusive attention so you get answers to all of your important questions.

  • Focus totally on working with your dog with fewer distractions.

Initial Training Consultation and Problem Assessment
All private dog training services begin with an initial training consultation, which gives you the opportunity to meet us and ask all your questions about the training. It also allows us to meet your dog and assess his learning style and responsiveness to training.

private training success storiesInitial consultations and private training instruction are available in our Training Studio, or if you prefer, we can arrange to meet with you and your dog in your home. Sessions typically last 60 - 90 minutes, sometimes longer if you have lots of questions or your dog has very complex training issues. Please call us for rates and to schedule an initial consultation: 479-925-3000 or toll free 1-877-878-3364.

Download our Pre-Consultation Questionnaire here.

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Training by our Certified Professional Dog Trainer

dog at attention with trainer We do the training for you
This is "personal training" for your dog that brings immediate relief and results. Hiring our certified trainer and dog behavior specialist to do the actual hands-on training for you makes particularly good sense when:

  • Your dog is showing dangerous behavior that requires the immediate intervention and expertise of a highly skilled and experienced training professional. If your dog is at risk of biting and injuring someone, it may not be the best time to attempt to train your dog yourself.

  • There is a challenge or disability that makes it difficult or unsafe for you to train your dog or puppy yourself.

  • Time constraints in your life make it impossible for you to actively participate in your dog or puppy's training.

  • The convenience of intensive training over a shorter time period (weeks rather than months) outweighs the extra investment.

  • You would just rather "leave the driving" to someone else for no other reason than you want to have a professionally trained dog or puppy!

Your beloved pet is trained with love, compassion, and respect
Our professional dog training programs utilize our purely positive reinforcement and scientifically sound training methods. As with all of our private training services, an initial assessment and goal-setting consultation is necessary. This helps us to address your dog's challenges in the most effective and efficient way possible and allows us to develop a unique professional training program.

Training can be done in our Training Studio or in your home at your convenience. Please call us for rates and to schedule an initial consultation: 479-925-3000 or toll free 1-877-878-3364. Please Note: We do not board dogs for training.

Download our Pre-Consultation Questionnaire here.

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Dog Behavior Consultations for Serious Behavior Problems

Every Dog Can provides professional dog behavior consultation services to evaluate and address serious dog behavior problems. Our Certified Dog Behavior Consultant has extensive skills, knowledge, and experience in dealing with all types of serious dog behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety (including Separation Anxiety), reactivity, and intense fearfulness.

Our comprehensive dog behavior consultations follow these steps:

  • pucker face dogFirst we take a thorough history of your dog and his or her behavior.

  • Next, we closely observe your dog's behavior and interactions to identify and analyze the underlying causes of the problem.

  • Then we discuss and help you understand the problem behavior and what's triggering it.

  • Based on our analysis of the problem and assessment of its severity, we then make realistic recommendations for managing your dog's behavior and changing it.

  • Lastly, we work with you to determine a plan of action to implement our recommendations for change, including our hands-on help with rehabilitation if we feel that is the safest and most expedient course of action.

Important: Please be aware that many challenging dog behavior problems may have an underlying medical cause that must be addressed before behavioral assistance will be effective. We urge you to consult with your veterinarian either before, or along with, contacting us, in order to rule out any possibility that a medical condition may be contributing to your dog or puppy's behavioral issues.

Call us to schedule your Private Dog Behavior Consultation
sad dog
Private dog behavior consultations can take place either in your home or in our Training Studio. With certain types of behavior problems, it may be more productive to observe your dog's behavior in your home environment where the problem is more likely to occur.

We will take a very detailed behavior history of your dog during the consultation; but it is helpful for us to have a "preview" of your dog and his problems before the appointment. Please complete the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire and return it to us so we have it at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Please call 479-925-3000 (or 1-877-878-3364 toll free) for rates and to schedule.

Download our Pre-Consultation Questionnaire here.

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Service Areas for In Home Training and Behavior Consultations

Every Dog Can, Inc. provides in-home dog training and private dog behavior consultations in these Northwest Arkansas communities. Time and travel charges will apply.

Bella Vista
Benton County
Bethel Heights
Cave Springs
Elm Springs
Eureka Springs
Healing Springs
Little Flock
Monte Ne
Pea Ridge
Prairie Creek
Siloam Springs
War Eagle
Washington County

If you live outside of our normal service areas and wish to engage our services, please call us. We are very happy to discuss the feasibility of coming to your home if travel to our Training Studio is not an option for you.

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Our Purely Positive Training Philosophy

Happy dog lying on lawnYour Dog Can
Every dog can become a well-mannered, cooperative and true member of the family when we take the time to teach him with understanding and create an environment for him to succeed.

Purely Positive Reinforcement
Every dog wants to think, learn, and work with us - especially when he or she is given the opportunity to work for reinforcement (a reward) that is desirable, enjoyable, and fun. This is exactly the way most people prefer to work and learn - for desirable reinforcement (think "paycheck!"). Dogs, like people, learn most effectively, efficiently, and happily when they are working to gain something they desire and enjoy, rather than being forced, dominated, or punished into it.

Never a Harsh Moment
Older styles of dog obedience training that employ harsh techniques to get results - such as leash jerks on choke chains or prong collars, yelling, intimidation, dominance, physical force and punishment, electronic "stimulation" and shock collars - break down a dog's natural trust and willingness to cooperate. And new research documents that punishment-based training is more likely to create long-lasting mental and physical distress in animals. It is absolutely imperative to use positive reinforcement-based methods to change undesirable behavior in dogs, especially aggression. Applying force, intimidation, or punishment may put family members and the public at great risk by inflaming aggressive behavior and making it worse.

Very happy dog - ZachTime Tested - Effective Results
Our training methods are solidly rooted in the proven behavioral sciences of Operant Conditioning (B.F. Skinner) and Classical Conditioning (Ivan Pavlov), where a dog is given the opportunity to think and willingly choose to work with us because he wants to, not because he has to. The powerful positive associations built over time through operant and classical learning result in a strong relationship of trust, love and respect between you and your dog, and they create a happier, more reliable canine companion. Harsh methods are unnecessary and harmful. Positively based methods are efficient, effective, safe, fun, and can even be used by children. Best of all, they work!

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Pre-Consultation Questionaire

  1. Please download the file to your computer in your preferred format.
  2. Open the file on your computer and fill it out by typing directly into the form.
  3. Save the file. Email it back to info@everydogcan.com by attaching it to your email.
  4. You may also print it out, complete it by hand, and fax or mail it to us.
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*For best results, you must use the most recent version of Adobe Reader to fill out the form on your computer.

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